Vocational Training

To develop the competences needed in the practice the Shiatsu vocational training integrates different elements:

Theory: philosophy and Far-Eastern and Western concepts of health and health-promotion; history of Shiatsu, basic knoledge in the different Shiatsu styles

Techniques: Shiatsu-specific types of evaluation and techniques for treatment and touch

Personal skills: self-awareness, meditation, mindfullness

Practical training: during the training as receiver and giver, posture, case studies and supervision

Social skills: communication, interactiv collaboration, public relations…

The achievement of practical experience and the development of personal and social competences are important goals of the training. These are the basis to integrate theory and techniques to gain the competence to do practical work in interaction with receivers.

The minimum duration of the shiatsu training is 3 years.

The training has to be completed with a final theoretical and practical exam.