What is Shiatsu

In Japanese „Shiatsu“ literally means „finger pressure” and comprises to follow the body’s energy flow by palpation.

Shiatsu is an indipendent system of energetic bodywork and an effective method to strengthen the self-regulatory factors, encourage the perception of self, and nourish the rehabilitation competences, thus enabling to understand the way of living as an applied art according to the traditional Oriental philosophy. Shiatsu is also influenced by modern Western findings of health promotion and life stiles.

Shiatsu conceives the client’s situation as the individual basis of the professional action. It puts the uniqueness of the individual as well of life in the center and enables the client to rebalance his/her organism and situation

Shiatsu encourages the healing process of persons with ailments, deficiencies in health conditions and performance levels, illnesses, as well as patients in rehabilitation.

Shiatsu accompanies and sustains the individual in his/her processes of change, growth and adaption.