The national Shiatsu associations define the professional profile of Shiatsu and the competences, which have to be gained in the training. They support and guarantee the quality of their members by demanding adequate standards, particularly the respect of the code of ethics. They coordinate the development of Shiatsu as a profession on an international level.

In Switzerland, SGS is responsible for the method Shiatsu and OdA KT for all the rest.

Shiatsu as a profession demands specific abilities. Practitioners must have competences such as:

  • to evaluate and describe a person’s energetic state which is the base of the treatment
  • to use Shiatsu techniques adequately according to the person’s given situation
  • to be empathic, relaxed, centred, aligned and concentrated during the treatment
  • to evaluate the effects of the treatment
  • to consider the person’s process
  • to use Shiatsu techniques adequately to support the sustainability in the person’s daily life
  • to support personal developments
  • to recognize the possibilities and limits of Shiatsu
  • to be aware of their own personal processes
  • to develop their professional quality
  • to plan and run their own practice
  • to cooperate with other professionals

These are based on the competences OdA  KT  ->