Code of Ethics

The members of national shiatsu associations, which are part of the ISN, commit themselves to the following goals and principles:

Practitioner towards the clients:

  • to create for the persons asking for shiatsu a space of confidence, in which openess and transformation may take place, and to guarantee strict confidentiality
  • to support them in their personal processes, and to respect their physical and moral integrity, their political and confessional believes
  • to notify their clients about the definition and the goals of shiatsu, and to commit themselves not to interrupt or modify any medical treatments
  • to stimulate the autonomy and capacity of the person to take care of the person’s own health
  • to be aware that through shiatsu-specific techniques and evaluations the selfregulation system of the organism and the healthy resources can be stimulated and abstaining from establishing any sort of medical diagnosis or change medical treatement

Practitioner towards themselves:

  • to practice shiatsu according the professional profile and the code of ethics of their national association
  • to develop the quality of their work, and fulfill the demands of the quality-system of their national associations
  • to admit to be in a permanent personal process

Practitioner towards society and health care system

  • to consider any relations with other collegues on the base of correctness, professional solidarity, trust and respect, and to cooperate with other professionals if needed
  • to know and respect the legal situation
  • to respect the limits of Shiatsu

The associations which are member of the ISN guarantee that these goals and principles are pursued and respected by their members, and that violations are sanctioned.