Identity and professional profile of the Shiatsu practitioner

Shiatsu Practitioners often work in their own practice. They work independently as well as in cooperation with professionals of other disciplines.

Furthermore they are employed in different fields such as:

  • healthcare institutions (hospitals, clinics, healthcare practices and centres)
  • nursing homes and homes for the handicapped companies
  • hotels, sanatoriums, institutions of sport, wellness and fitness
  • public schools and course centres
  • They also work as Shiatsu teachers and course instructors if they are qualified by specific trainings.

Shiatsu as a profession demands specific abilities. Practitioners must have competences such as

  • to evaluate and describe a person’s energetic state which is the base of the treatment
  • to use Shiatsu techniques adequately according to the person’s given situation
  • to be empathic, relaxed, centred, aligned and concentrated during the treatment
  • to evaluate the effects of the treatment
  • to support personal developments
  • to recognize the possibilities and limits of Shiatsu
  • to be aware of their own personal processes
  • to develop their professional quality
  • to plan and run their own practice