The International Shiatsu Network (ISN) is an international association of national Shiatsu federations.

The goals of the International Shiatsu Network ISN and its members are
• to spread, organize and represent Shiatsu internationally,
• to exchange cultural, historical, political and didactic experiences connected with Shiatsu,
• to support each other by consequent informations, documents and addresses,
• to discuss and pursue common interests.

The ISN acts on behalf of the associations. All decisions in the ISN are taken unanimously and with the explicite approval of the national committees.

Projects pursued in the ISN’s name are the expression of the will of all the associations. They are achieved on a voluntary basis by the participating members.

The individual resources and means of the associations, all stemming from different national cultures, form the organizational and economic basis of the International Shiatsu Network.

The ISN is a non-party, non-profit making organization.It has been set up by the following national Shiatsu federations, which acutally represent around 6’000 shiatsu practitionners, the majority of the professional practitionners in Europe. It is open for further members.

FFST: Fédération Française Shiatsu Traditionel (F)
FISieo – Federazione Italiana Shiatsu Insegnanti e Operatori (I)
GSD: Gesellschaft für Shiatsu Deutschland (D)
SGS: Shiatsu Gesellschaft Schweiz (CH)