Founder Members and Name:

The national Shiatsu associations:

  • Fédération Française de Shiatsu traditionell (FFST)
  • Federazione Italiana Shiatsu Insegnanti e Operatori  FISIEO)
  • Gesellschaft für Shiatsu in Deutschland (GSD)
  • Shiatsu Gesellschaft Schweiz (SGS),

join together to form the International Shiatsu Network (ISN) and commit themselves to the following goals and principles.


  • The main goal of the ISN is to be a platform for information exchange, for cooperation between national federations all over the world and to further develop and guarantee a high quality of Shiatsu as a profession.
  • The International Shiatsu Network ISN aims to support the recognition of Shiatsu worldwide.
  • It co-ordinates and provides documents of their members, like papers on the legal situations, Curricula, definitions, Code of Ethics, quality standards and so on.

Structure and co-operation:

  • The ISN is a co-ordinated group of national associations but has no authority on national associations.
  • ISN members respect the different national cultures, legal situations, sizes of the associations and languages and act accordingly.
  • The delegates of the associations have a strong connection to their national core group and represent their policy.
  • Together we share a common definition of shiatsu, professional profile and an ethic codex for our members.
  • The ISN is an open forum for the member-associations without a hierarchical order. Only for the preparation and the co-ordination of the next meeting the delegate of the next host is responsible. His task is also the observation of the ongoing of tasks and projects until the next meeting.
  • Decisions inside the Network have to be unanimous and have be approved (written or via email) by their Executive Board to act as legal. Projects under the name of the ISN have to be accredited by all members.
  • Tasks should be distributed as equally as possible among the participating associations. For each task one person has to be named as the responsible for its co-ordination.
  • The participation in projects is strictly voluntary.

Meetings and Costs:

  • There is no fixed fee for membership.
  • There are two meetings a year rotational in one member country. All expenses related to meetings have to be paid by the individual associations.
  • Additional meetings and projects can be convened among different associations on subjects that concern their specific interests. They will inform the other associations accordingly.


  • The ISN is open to further associations, if they accept these statutes, the manifesto and are willing to act accordingly.

Strasbourg, 2013