According to the knowledge of the traditional Oriental health theories, the person is conceived as a unity of body, soul and mind. The life of a person is determined by continuous processes of transformation. The person preserves his/her health by living in harmony with himself/herself, his/her environment, nature and the universe.

Imbalances can cause disorders of the energy flow. If the disorders are strong and frequent, the person’s self-regulatory faculties are impaired, leading to an energetic imbalance on the level of the body, soul and mind. If such imbalances are assessed in time, the transformation towards more serious ailments, diseases or life crisis can be avoided.

Traditional Oriental health theories emphaseize the importance of the operator’s attitude during the treatment that determines the effectiveness of the treatment itself. According to the principles that have their roots in Buddhism and Taoism (present in all oriental martial arts) the operator applies a specific attitude of blank mind, non-judgment and “Wu wei”.