National Shiatsu Federations

The national Shiatsu Federations develop and guarantee the identity of Shiatsu and the quality of the vocational training and of the professional practice in their country.

They define Shiatsu and its position in their national society and culture.
They define the professional profile of Shiatsu and the competences which have to be gained in the training.

They guarantee for the quality of the vocational training and the teachers.
They support and guarantee for the quality of their members by demanding them to keep adequate standards.

They define a Code of Ethics and guarantee that its goals and principles are respected by their members, and that violations will be sanctioned.
They have the goal of Shiatsu achieving the status of a recognized profession.

In Switzerland Shiatsu is a recognized method of the Complementary Therapy. The association is responsible for the method and its description. The OdA KT (Work Organisation for Complementary Therapy ) has the sovereignty of the accreditation of the methods, the schools with the curriculum, the proceder of equivalence and the higher exam.
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