Suggestions concerning the recognition of Shiatsu as a profession

The members of the ISN invite the political and institutional world

To accept national Shiatsu Federations as partners in negotiations concerning the national regulation of Shiatsu.
To accept that the definition of Shiatsu, the Professional Profile, the vocational formation, the Code of Ethics and other instruments of quality-development and control are the genuine task of the national Shiatsu Federations.
To recognize ISN as the international representative of its national Shiatsu Federations.
To recognize Shiatsu as an independent, natural, holistic method and discipline to promote health, which is practised without any risks for the receivers.
To acknowledge that Shiatsu as a profession is practised with the aim of health promotion, even when it is applied to people with health disturbances or illness.
To acknowledge that the professional practice of Shiatsu needs qualifications aequivalent to the standards of ISN members, even when applied in the framework of other professions.