ISN – members and goals

This manifesto has been developed by the International Shiatsu Network (ISN). The ISN was founded in 2003 by the national Shiatsu Federations of France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland (see appendix) and it welcomes further developments and discussions with other associations.

These federations represented about 7’700 members and more than 100 schools in 2007.

The main goal of the ISN is to be a platform for the exchange of information, for cooperation between national federations all over the world. It also cares for the further development of and wants to guarantee a high quality standard of Shiatsu as a profession.
The International Shiatsu Network ISN aims at supporting the recognition of Shiatsu as a profession worldwide.

It coordinates and provides documents by various federations like papers on the legal situations, curricula, definitions, code of ethics, quality standards and so on.